Secure64 DNS Signer Named Top Security Software Product at FOSE 2009

DENVER, CO – March 18, 2009Secure64 Software Corporation announced today that the company has won Government Computer News’ Best of FOSE Award for 2009 in the security software category. FOSE is the largest annual conference and expo in the Unites States focused on information technology for the federal government. The award recognizes “outstanding and innovative information technology products for government” according to Government Computer News magazine. The award was given to the Secure64 high performing and secure Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) signing application, Secure64 DNS Signer.

Secure64 DNS Signer has been positively received by the government market sector as evidenced by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security and a contract with the National Institute of Standards & Technology. Other prestigious customers are expected to be announced in the next few months.

“This award comes at a great time for Secure64 considering the momentum of DNSSEC within the federal government,” said Tom Chalk, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Secure64. “With the increased focus on cyber security, recognition from such an important luminary as Government Computer News should help raise awareness of the breadth and depth of protection offered by Secure64 DNS Signer.

Domain Name Security (DNS) acts as the phone book of the Internet by mapping names that people can remember – such as – to numbers that computers can process – such as But a flaw discovered last year in DNS architecture has rendered it insecure making it open to attack by hackers. By redirecting email or web site visits to servers they control, hackers can steal personal or financial information. DNSSEC adds a unique “signature” to each address in the DNS phone book. Before sending a response to an email or website visit, the signature is authenticated by the receiving server, making it impossible for attackers to redirect email or web site visits.

DNSSEC has not been widely deployed because adding and maintaining signatures is difficult and time consuming. Secure64 DNS Signer uses patent-pending technology to automate and simplify the DNSSEC process thereby making the Internet much more trustworthy and secure.

Due to its importance, the United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a DNSSEC mandate that all federal agencies must implement DNSSEC by December 2009.

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About Secure64 Software Corporation

Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Secure64® is a software company offering high-performance DNS server software that makes the DNS trustworthy and secure. Secure64 currently offers two DNS server applications based on SourceT® – the company’s patent pending Genuinely Secure™ micro OS. Secure64 DNS Signer is the first software to make DNSSEC deployment simple and secure. Secure64 DNS Authority is DNS server software that is available at all times -– even during network attacks or restarts.

By using Secure64 software, organizations can break the costly and reactive patch management and OS hardening cycle because only Secure64 software is immune to compromise from rootkits and malware and resistant to network attacks that are the source of today’s most serious security threats. For more information, visit

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