Generate User Revenue While Improving Web Browsing Experience

When users type a URL into their browser they expect to be taken there without confusion or delay. But users often misspell names, transpose characters or enter invalid domain names into their browser, which can cause confusion and frustration when they do not arrive at their intended destination and have little idea what went wrong.


The Secure64 Web Error Redirection module is an add-on to Secure64 DNS Cache that detects invalid domain names and redirects the user to a service-provider branded web page that helps guide the user to their intended destination. By operating within the network, the Web Error Redirection module is able to provide consistent, helpful assistance to end users across all of the devices that they use while generating advertising revenue to the service provider.

Key Features

  • • Powerful rules engine redirects only web traffic
  • • High performance algorithms minimize latency
  • • Supports all web-enabled devices
  • • Simple, network-based opt-out

Key Benefits

  • • Increase average revenue per user
  • • Improve end user web browsing experience
  • • Reinforce positive brand image