A Genuinely Secure Authoritative

DNS Server


Security that is built-in, not bolted on

Security is generally an after-thought in the building of most servers (DNS and others). The servers are built first – and security is then added later.  But not Secure64 DNS Authority – it is an authoritative DNS server purpose-built for security.

Secure Operating System

Building a secure DNS server requires a secure platform. All Secure64 servers are equipped with Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) chips and security features in the microprocessor that Secure64 operating systems take advantage of to ensure that common applications, such as buffer overflows and privilege escalation, cannot succeed.


Built-in DNS DDoS Protection

Secure64 DNS Authority protects itself from high levels of DNS attack traffic that cause other DNS servers and even many firewalls to fail. By identifying and dropping malicious traffic, DNS Authority can sit alone and unprotected on the internet and keep running, remaining available even during high volume denial of service and other network attacks. Secure64 DNS Authority is the most secure self-protecting DNS authoritative server on Earth.


Most DNS servers are built on BIND or a variant of the open source software. Secure64 DNS Authority is not built on BIND and therefore has never been susceptible to the many BIND security vulnerabilities published in recent years.

When a BIND vulnerability is announced, there is no need to drop everything and patch – Secure64 DNS Authority is NOT VULNERABLE.

Worker fixing servers

Secure & Available = Cost Effective

Self-protecting means no expensive security devices (firewalls, IPS, etc) are required.  High availability means no network downtime. Secure OS and applications mean no emergency patching for BIND. All of this together means lower costs – in servers, labor and lost business.

Plays Well With Other DNS Servers

DNS Authority is a different kind of authoritative DNS server, but it is still compatible with existing IT infrastructure.  It directly reads existing BIND configuration files and is interoperable with DNS servers running BIND, NSD, or Microsoft Windows DNS software. This makes it easy to introduce genetic diversity to the network.


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Different Families Of Appliances:

The different families were built to meet different needs: maximum security, high security with maximum scalability or virtualized DNS for NFV.

DNS-6000 Appliances
DNS Authority runs on DNS-6000 hardware appliances which utilize the Secure64 micro operating system, SourceT. DNS Authority was built for organizations that need maximum security.

SNS-3000-5000 Appliances
DNS Authority for x86 runs on SNS-3000 and SNS-5000 hardware appliances which utilize a secure Linux kernel. DNS Authority for x86 was built for organizations that need maximum scalability in addition to high security.

Virtual Appliances
DNS Cache for x86 is available as a virtualized appliance which uses a secure Linux kernel. The virtualized version of DNS Cache for x86 was specifically designed for those migrating to Network Functions Virtualization.

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