The World Needs Security

Secure64 was built on security – which came from a passion to make the world more secure. The founders asked themselves two questions:

Is it possible for computer systems to not be compromised by malware?

Could they protect themselves from massive network attacks?


SourceT – Proprietary OS, purpose-built for security

The company began by building a secure micro operating system, SourceT, which takes advantage of the unique security characteristics of the Intel Itanium processor.  SourceT was designed to eliminate all paths for malware injection and execution and incorporated protections against high volume denial of service attacks. Secure64 DNS physical appliances are powered by SourceT. For more information on SourceT, click here.

SecureOS – Industry standard OS with secure kernel

Leveraging the expertise gained by authoring a secure micro operating system, Secure64 developed SecureOS, a Linux-based operating system that features a secure Linux kernel designed to completely eliminate entire classes of vulnerabilities including buffer overflow attacks and remote code execution. It also features built-in protections against high volume denial of service attacks. SecureOS powers Secure64 SNS physical appliances and virtual appliances. For more information on SecureOS, click here.