Genuinely secure micro operating system for mission-critical applications

If you look at the history of IT security, year after year, security spending has increased substantially. But what is there to show have to show for this investment in security? Security vulnerabilities continue at a breakneck pace. Malware evolves into new and more destructive versions. The DNC is hacked, entire countries are hacked. Secure64 calls this ineffective approach to security “bandaids and bodyguards” and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Some security experts say that today’s systems are simply too big and complex to ever be secure. That the only way to win the security war is to start over, from scratch. Secure64 agrees.


Security from the ground up

Secure64 decided to start from the ground up, to develop applications that would no longer be vulnerable to the kinds of attacks seen in the news every day. Additionally, the company decided to build applications that were self-protecting against any kind of network attack–without requiring protection from network security appliances.

Secure64 designed a Genuinely Secure system that hosts and secures different kinds of networking and server applications. This Genuinely Secure system consists of both hardware and an operating system, because only the combination of the two can deliver the necessary security properties.

Intel Itanium 2 chip

Secure64 chose the Itanium 2® microprocessor as the hardware foundation. The chip possessed the security features needed to build truly secure systems. The Secure64 founder and CTO led the design team that developed Itanium, so the company knew that the Itanium microprocessor provided features like:

  • • Completely independent read/write/execute privileges per page, to prevent data from being executed, or code from being written
  • • Protected stack architecture, to prevent buffer overflow attacks
  • • Memory compartments, to safely store secret information in memory
  • • Four levels of privilege, to provide defense in depth


Next, the company designed a micro operating system that could take advantage of those unique features – SourceT. SourceT creates an environment that fully protects itself and applications executing on it. This level of protection is achieved by:

  • • Completely authenticating the firmware, micro OS, and application code during the boot process
  • • Compartmentalizing and protecting code and data at runtime
  • • Eliminating paths for code injection and execution


Finally, the company designed a high speed network I/O stack that has attack detection and mitigation built right into it. This means that any application running on it can remain completely operational even under heavy attack.

Read about Meltdown & Spectre – and how SourceT and Intel Itanium are not vulnerable.

No bodyguards. No bandaids. Just security built in from the ground up.