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Consumers and SMBs need security more than ever, and service providers are perfectly positioned to provide it. By offering a full suite of end-user security services, from anti-malware to web filtering, provided from the DNS, your customers will be able to get the security they need while you are bringing in a whole new stream of revenue.

Security starts at the DNS…

As a fundamental building block of the internet, the DNS has always been a major target for attack. DDoS attacks shut down critical company services, hijacking sends subscribers to malicious sites, and countless other varieties of cyberthreats either leverage or interact with the DNS. In this increasingly hostile world it is vital that you are using a DNS that has been built with security in mind.

“…those seeing attacks against authoritative servers more than doubled to 52 percent, up from 24 percent”

NETSCOUT’s 14th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, 2018  

…and a secure DNS starts with Secure64

Secure64 provides DNS solutions that were purpose-built for security. From our proprietary SecureOS kernel to our suite of DNS Guard services, we enable you to improve the security of your entire network by fortifying your DNS. Security starts at the DNS, and a secure DNS starts with Secure64.

Scaling for a connected world

The world has never been more connected, and each day offers a new way to utilize the internet. IoT, 5G, VoIP, and countless other tools drive huge amounts of traffic across your DNS, and that makes the need for easy, affordable scalability essential.

At Secure64 we have built our DNS solutions with this rapid global growth in mind. Our custom tuned SecureOS combined with high performance DNS allow you to scale from thousands of subscribers to hundreds of millions, with far fewer servers than conventional solutions.


Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has become a go-to strategy for businesses looking to leverage the cloud to scale, and that means your DNS solution needs to be ready. Many conventional, BIND-based solutions tend to struggle with performance in virtual environments, but Secure64’s non-BIND SecureOS was built to avoid these limitations and provide a reliable, high-performing solution in any environment.


The DNS is one of the most important components of any service provider’s infrastructure. It is the gateway to the internet, and properly leveraged can be a platform that reduces complexity and improves network security. However, implemented poorly, your DNS can become an expensive headache of security issues and useless, over-complicated features.

At Secure64 we help you build a smarter, more efficient DNS solution for your company, that can drive down your total cost of ownership, secure your network and subscribers, and scale with you no matter how large you grow.

How does Secure64 offer a smarter solution for the DNS?

  • Focused Security

    Securing your gateway to the internet

    Implementing protections at every point in your network can be costly and infeasible. By focusing on securing your DNS, your gateway to the internet, we can defend your entire network more easily and efficiently.

  • Simple Scalability

    Scaling efficiently to limit TCO

    Our DNS solutions are expertly designed to scale efficiently, minimizing the number of necessary servers in order to reduce your TCO and simplify your operations.

  • Expert Support

    Specialists who are masters of the DNS

    Our team of DNS engineers and support staff are backed by decades of DNS experience and expertise, and they are ready to help you secure your network and optimize your DNS operations.