Secure64 Data Sheets

Below are links to all of the Secure64 data sheets for the product line. If you have any questions that are not addressed by a data sheet, please contact us and we would be happy to clarify.

Secure64 DNS Authority and Secure64 DNS Authority for x86:  DNS Authority is a genuinely secure authoritative name server that is self-protecting against high volume DDoS attacks.

Secure64 DNS Cache and Secure64 DNS Cache for x86:  DNS Cache is an always available, highly scalable and genuinely secure caching server that stops DDoS attacks in their tracks.

Secure64 DNS Signer:  DNS Signer is a fully automated, highly secure and extremely scalable DNSSEC signing solution.

Secure64 DNS Manager:  DNS Manager is a centralized DNS management server that makes DNS management easy.

Secure DNS Guard:  DNS Guard is a family of security subscription services that identifies and blocks malicious activity across the network.

Secure64 Appliances: The appliances data sheet provides specs on the different appliance models available from Secure64.