Managing Operations

Network operations are manageable when the network is running smoothly. But things rarely run that smoothly for long. Hardware can fail, software may have issues, systems may need to be patched or upgraded and networked systems interactions may be difficult to troubleshoot. Secure64 can help.


Gain Visibility

If there is a problem in the network, the operations team needs to know about it immediately, before it starts impacting subscribers.

Secure64 arms its customers with comprehensive monitoring and alerting capabilities that let them know when there is an issue requiring attention.  DNS Manager monitors 39 performance indicators that allow it to detect and send alerts on any hardware or software issue that can impact the availability, responsiveness, health or security of the DNS. Unlike other DNS solutions, DNS Manager not only alerts when there is a potential problem, it also gives guidance as to where the problem lies. Is there a problem in the network? Is there a problem on the internet? Is the network under attack? DNS Manager knows.

Leverage the Experts

Operations teams have to worry about lots of networking products, not just the DNS. So when there is a problem in the network involving the DNS, it is nice to know that help is available.

The members of the Secure64 customer support team are not only experts in Secure64 products, they have decades of experience in networking and have seen just about every kind of DNS issue that there is. When things go wrong, it is nice to know that the Secure64 team is there.

Smiling people offer DNS solutions.

Life Reimagined

Security vulnerability patch announcements never happen at a convenient time. They always seem to occur when the operations team is fully engaged on other important planned activities. But network security is important, so operations teams have to drop whatever they are doing and roll out patches before their systems can be exploited.

Secure64 designed its products in a completely different way – so that software bugs could not be exploited to compromise system integrity and cause the DNS application to fail. The Secure64 track record speaks for itself – it was not vulnerable to Heartbleed, Poodle, Shellshock, and Ghost, nor to the more than 30 critical security vulnerabilities announced in open-source BIND over the past five years. In fact, some customers have been running the same software version continuously for over two years. That is a lot of headaches Secure64 customers did not have to endure – and they got some of their lives back.