Number Mapping for Complex Environments

Number mapping, or more succinctly, ENUM, is a critical element in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture. ENUM is responsible for routing voice and messaging traffic to appropriate servers inside of an applicable carrier’s network, which includes accessing a Mobile Number Portability (MNP) database. Conventional ENUM solutions work where there is a Tier 0 compliant national ENUM infrastructure in place to identify the carrier responsible for a given phone number, but can cause excessive call setup time. In countries where this infrastructure simply does not exist or is inconsistent from region to region, network operators are forced to implement custom solutions.



Secure64® ENUM

Secure64 ENUM is a carrier-grade DNS that simplifies the management of statically assigned phone prefixes, subscriber phone numbers, and ported phone numbers, in both Tier 0 compliant environments and countries without this infrastructure.  By integrating an easy-to-maintain database that maps phone number prefixes to responsible carrier networks, the Secure64 ENUM solution can rapidly synthesize appropriate DNS responses in real time, thereby simplifying and accelerating number portability lookups. Secure64 ENUM reduces the time and expense required to deploy IMS while greatly decreasing call setup time, which leads to a positive customer experience.

Virtual Appliance

Secure64 ENUM is delivered as an NFV-ready virtual appliance and is fully interoperable with other IMS components. The ENUM server, like all Secure64 DNS products, was designed with security and scalability in mind and built for the most demanding carrier environments.

Learn more about Secure64 ENUM – download the data sheet here