Secure64 is the leading provider of carrier-grade, Genuinely Secure DNS servers that are purpose-built to be highly secure, self-protecting and immune to malware.


A sweet suite of genuinely secure DNS servers & management products

The suite of Secure64 products are highly secure, always available, software scalable and highly cost effective. The products include a DNS authoritative server, a caching server, a DNSSEC signer server, a DNS management server and DNS-based security services.

Build, deploy, prevent & defend with Secure64

The Secure64 suite of products provides solutions to DNS problems including building a secure DNS, deploying DNSSEC, defending against DNS DDoS attacks, transitioning to IPv6, or preventing the network from participating in a Mirai botnet attack.  The DNS is a surprisingly good tool to use in the battle against malware, bots and phishing.


Pick a role

Whether you are involved in network engineering, operations or security, Secure64 can make your job (and your life) easier.  From DNS servers that don’t go down during high volume DDoS attacks, to no need to drop everything and patch for a BIND vulnerability (because Secure64 servers are not built on BIND, and are not subject to BIND vulnerabilities), to having an always available network with low latency, Secure64 allows our customers to “set and forget” their networks.