Secure64 DNS Guard

Using the DNS to protect your network and subscribers

Ransomware holds cities, hospitals and others hostage; Microsoft Office document exploits return; IoT devices were enslaved as part of massive DDoS attacks and IT people fear more and larger attacks;  malware infects one of every three home users, and endpoint security can’t begin to keep up under this onslaught. It needs help.

Security Starts at the DNS

Security should begin at the DNS with Secure64 DNS Guard. DNS Guard uses the DNS to protect users and devices from phishing attacks and malware infections, while neutralizing already infected devices so they cannot cause harm.

Because DNS Guard operates within the network, it provides protection for all devices on the network without requiring anyone to touch the device at all. In other words, there is no need to rely on users to update software, or for IoT devices to have any security on their firmware, or for operations to push out a patch. DNS Guard provides real-time security information to stop malicious activity on the network across all devices. Additionally, it can now block DNS tunnels used for bandwidth piracy and data theft as well.

Secure64 DNS Guard is made up of three DNS-based security services, MalwareGuard,  FraudGuard and TunnelGuard. They can be purchased separately but provide unparalleled protection together.


Protects users from sites that download malicious software such as viruses, trojans and worms. Blocks communication between bot-infected devices and their command and control servers so the bot is rendered harmless.


Protects users from visiting sites known to conduct illegal activity, such as phishing, fraud or other online scams.


Blocks DNS tunnels that are used for bandwidth piracy, data exfiltration and evasion of regulatory controls.


Backed by our proprietary database and filtering tools, Secure64 OneGuard protects opt-in subscribers from the ever-increasing number of threats online, and provides them with complete control over other potentially objectionable traffic

Providing Real-Time Security Information To Stop Malicious Activity On Your Network

Now, More Than Ever…

… the network needs protection.  In the wake of the massive DDoS attacks caused by the IoT-driven botnets, spearphishing and massive data breaches, governments and security experts are looking for solutions from service providers, device manufacturers, and businesses of all sizes. There are experts who believe the internet itself is at risk.   By taking action against these threats, providers can reduce the risk of brand damage,  improve the customer experience, reduce churn, optimize network resources and protect revenue.

Let Secure64 Analyze Your Network

It is easy to look at your network traffic to find out what lives within it. Secure64 offers a free traffic analysis – send us a PCAP file of your DNS traffic and we will analyze and report on malicious behavior.  Contact us today to get started!