Secure64 DNS Manager

Simple, Centralized DNS Management

Once DNS servers are deployed, they must be managed – and doing it manually wastes significant time and resources. From rolling out new software, to revising configurations and monitoring network load and other health metrics, Secure64 DNS Manager makes DNS management easy.

Gain Control

Secure64 DNS Manager provides centralized DNS management that lowers operational expense and TCO by reducing the amount of time needed to maintain the DNS infrastructure, while providing control and visibility. Control means access from anywhere, visibility into network usage trends, ability to update and rollback software versions and to monitor critical operating parameters, and much more.

Simplify Configuration Management

GUI-based DNS Manager can configure, manage and monitor a set of Secure64 DNS Cache servers from a single central point.

In an environment of many DNS servers, there will be different geographies and configurations. DNS Manager allows the creation of groups of servers, and the assignment of configurations to a group, a single server, or all of the servers.

All actions to modify configuration files or software versions are revision controlled and logged.  Authorized users can rollback to previous versions or configurations if needed.

Monitor and Alert in Real Time

DNS Manager is able to monitor over 40 key performance indicators across the DNS network, including queries per second, CPU, disk and memory utilization. Email alerts can be sent when any of these KPIs exceed a user-defined threshold, so that bottlenecks and pending failures can be identified and addressed before they impact the network and customers.

Create Powerful Reports

Manager makes network and capacity planning easy, by providing over 20 reports that can be run on demand or delivered by email on a regular schedule. Report data can also be exported to a CSV file for further analysis.