Building a Secure DNS

Danger to the DNS

Because the DNS is ubiquitous, always available and mission critical, it is a primary target for attackers. If an attacker can compromise the DNS, he can take down an entire organization’s internet presence.

Attacks that compromise the availability of the DNS include denial-of-service attacks and vulnerability exploits. While high profile denial-of-service attacks on the DNS get most of the headlines, attacks designed to exploit vulnerabilities can be equally serious, as they can cause the DNS to crash or the DNS server to come under control of the attacker.

A Genuinely Secure DNS

Protect the DNS with a genuinely secure DNS from Secure64.

Purpose-built for security, the Secure64 line of DNS servers are immune to malware and self-protecting against DDoS attacks.  These DNS servers sit alone and unprotected on the internet – and keep running non-stop.

Not based on BIND, Secure64 DNS servers need no patching for BIND vulnerabilities, which provides a hassle free network – one that you can SET and FORGET.

A genuinely secure DNS is cost – effective:  no downtime for the network; no need for expensive security devices and no BIND patching.  Secure64 delivers a genuinely secure DNS – and saves money.

A Genuinely Secure Product Line

Secure64 DNS Authority is a genuinely secure authoritative DNS server.

Secure64 DNS Cache is an available, scalable, secure DNS caching server.

Secure64 DNS Signer is a fully automated, simple, secure and scalable DNSSEC server.

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