Secure64 was founded in 2002 with a singular purpose – to develop and deploy a DNS that is built from the ground up to be secure. Secure64 products are now deployed around the world, protecting over 1 billion subscribers. But our company’s fundamental goal has remained the same. In a world filled with bad actors, Secure64 is here to help you protect your subscribers and your business.

Companies who trust Secure64 to protect their networks

Where it all started

Secure64 began by taking a radical approach to security – starting with a secure microprocessor and a micro operating system that was designed to leverage the full potential of the chip. This microprocessor, first developed by Secure64 co-founder Bill Worley, while he worked at Hewlett-Packard, came to the market as the Intel Itanium chip.

Secure64 designed its operating system, SourceT, to eliminate all paths for malware injection and execution, and incorporated built-in protections against high volume denial of service attacks. The resulting platform has been evaluated by third parties and found to be “immune to all currently known malware and rootkits,” and to withstand attacks that cause conventional architectures to fail.

Secure64 then developed and launched a full suite of DNS products running on this hardware and operating system architecture, each product inheriting the unique security properties that this platform provides.

A new world of security

Today, as data consumption continues to explode and service providers increasing turn to network functions virtualization to reduce cost and accelerate time to revenue, having a secure DNS that can scale in a virtual environment is essential.

Leveraging its deep knowledge of secure operating system design, Secure64 has responded by developing SecureOS, a DNS-focused operating system distribution with a custom, secure kernel to deliver scalable virtual DNS performance and unmatched security while running on industry standard server platforms. Security is truly in our DNA.

When we say “carrier-grade”, we mean it

When we say we deliver “Carrier-grade DNS”, we mean it. Communication service providers are expected to deliver 100% reliable service, supporting everything from critical business infrastructure to movie night with the kids, and carriers around the world have put their trust in Secure64 to help them live up to that expectation.

“Carrier-grade DNS” means a DNS that is secure, reliable, and well-supported to meet the expectations of your end-users, no matter what circumstances may arise. Secure64 has earned its customers’ trust by delivering an excellent product backed by a support organization staffed by DNS experts. We hope you’ll give us the chance to earn your trust and show you why Secure64 is truly “Carrier-grade”.