Secure64 DNS Proxy

A high-performance, proxy-based DNS-over-HTTPS solution

As subscriber demands for privacy continue to rise, an increasingly common solution is DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), a method to encrypt DNS traffic preventing eavesdropping and other interference. Major browsers like Google and Firefox have implemented DoH solutions using 3rd party resolvers, making it vital that service providers offer their own DoH solutions to keep traffic on their network and under their control.

DNS Proxy Keeps DoH Traffic Under Your Control

Secure64 DNS Proxy is a DoH solution for service providers, enabling them to meet subscribers privacy demands without losing the traffic visibility and control that enables them to run an effective network.

DNS Proxy deploys high-performance proxy servers in front of existing network resolvers to process incoming DoH traffic. With a focus on minimizing disruption and TCO while still delivering the excellent performance you expect from Secure64 DNS solutions, DNS Proxy has been engineered to make handling DoH traffic as painless as possible.

  • Proxy Based

    Processing DoH traffic is very computationally expensive, and can tax the performance of even the highest end resolvers. By deploying a separate proxy server in front of the resolver to handle this traffic, DNS Proxy minimizes the impact of DoH traffic on network performance.

  • Preserve Visibility and Control

    Traffic being diverted to third party resolvers by other external DoH solutions strips out crucial information that is vital for troubleshooting network issues and deploying value added services. By deploying DNS Proxy within your network, you retain control over your subscribers’ traffic, and preserve the visibility needed to run your network.

  • Independent Scaling

    DNS Proxy servers are discrete from your regular resolvers, and can be scaled independent of the rest of the network as DoH traffic increases. This means if demand for DoH continues to increase, you won’t need to overhaul your entire network to handle it.