Secure64 DNS Signer

DNSSEC made simple and secure

Secure64 DNS Signer is the only fully automated DNSSEC signing solution that is secure without using expensive add-ons.

This enables organizations to deploy DNSSEC quickly, safely and correctly. If DNSSEC is deployed manually and an error is made, all online services could be unreachable.  An automated solution avoids mistakes.


DNS Signer automates all key management and zone signing activities, thereby eliminating time-consuming manual steps.  This includes key generation, key roll-over, and zone signing and re-signing processes.

The product also integrates into existing infrastructure configuration and is fully compatible with BIND, NSD and Microsoft DNS masters and slaves, in addition to Secure64 DNS Authority. Signer supports all of the RFCs and best practices to deploy DNSSEC. It is so simple to use that it can be plugged into existing DNS infrastructure, turned on and zones are signed!


DNS Signer scales to extremely large, dynamic environments by safely keeping DNSSEC signing keys online while providing incremental zone signing and extremely high signing performance.


Secure64 DNS Signer is the most secure DNSSEC solution on Earth. Like Secure64 DNS Authority and DNS Cache, Signer is built on SourceT, the secure micro OS authored by Secure64. SourceT is designed to make any application running on it safe from rootkits and malware attacks.

Secure64 DNS Signer – simple, scalable and secure.

Reduce Costs and Reduce Risks with Secure64 DNS Signer

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