Virtualizing The DNS

Bringing Real Performance And Scalability To The Virtual World

Communication service providers are increasingly adopting Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in order to increase network flexibility, reduce capital and operating costs and decrease new service time to revenue. But many networking products rely on hardware to achieve performance and struggle to scale up or scale out cost effectively when deployed as virtual network functions.

Secure64 DNS Solutions Are Built With Virtualization In Mind

At Secure64 we know that the future of networks is virtualization. So naturally when we built SecureOS we designed it from the beginning to scale easily and cost-effectively in virtual environments. All of our DNS solutions come NFV-ready, so that your DNS will never hold you back in a virtual world.

Why Does Secure64 DNS Excel In A Virtual World?

  • Scale Up

    Reach up to 400k QPS in virtual environments

    Where other systems struggle and performance can suffer, our Secure64 DNS solutions are designed to excel. High performance in virtual environments means you are maximizing your efficiency and minimizing costs.

  • Scale Out

    A rich, RESTful interface to configure, monitor, and manage your system

    Our easy RESTful interface promotes network automation and elastic scaling, two crucial components of your shift towards network function virtualization.

  • Non-BIND

    Free from BIND limitations

    Despite being extremely common DNS software, BIND is very limited in virtual environments. Secure64 uses a non-BIND solution to guarantee that we excel in both physical and virtual deployments.