Secure, High Performance Authoritative DNS

Secure64 DNS Authority

Purpose Built, Not General-Purpose

Secure64 has built our own SecureOS from the ground up, designed to be the most secure DNS solution possible. Starting with a custom Linux kernel, carefully engineered for both security and stability, our DNS Authority servers come already equipped with layers of security built-in.

  • DDoS Protection

    DNS Authority for x86 provides fine-grained DDoS detection and mitigation rules, allowing the server to continue to respond to legitimate queries while dropping queries from attackers—unlike conventional DNS solutions that crash or become unavailable at much lower levels of attack traffic.

  • Non-BIND based OS

    BIND is the most widely deployed DNS software in the world, which makes it a primary target for attackers seeking to cause maximum worldwide damage. DNS Authority for x86 is a completely different implementation that shares no code with BIND, making it immune to all BIND-specific vulnerabilities.

  • Ready for NFV

    Authority for x86 provides a rich RESTful API that enables external orchestration and management systems to configure, monitor and manage it throughout its lifecycle. This promotes network automation and elastic scaling – two key goals in the shift towards virtual network functions.

DNS Authority is available either as a Hardware or Virtual Appliance:

Hardware appliances

DNS Authority runs on a variety of hardware appliances which utilize our proprietary secure Linux operating system, SecureOS. DNS Authority was built for organizations that need maximum performance and strong security.

Virtual appliances

DNS Authority is available as a virtualized appliance which uses our proprietary secure Linux operating system, SecureOS. The virtualized version of DNS Authority was specifically designed for those needing exceptional flexibility and dynamic scaling, and to support Network Functions Virtualization.