Secure64 Support

Secure64 offers Premium Maintenance and Support to meet the needs of organizations requiring 7 x 24 access to support services.

Customers can obtain support by telephone, email and the Secure64 support web site. Secure64 support personnel provide assistance with product deployment, answer questions regarding product features, and troubleshoot and diagnose software defects.

The Secure64 support website is available 7 x 24, and provides a wealth of resources for customer self-service. From the website, customers can communicate with our support organization, register users, access technical documentation, review information in our Knowledge Base, log a specific support case, and review previously submitted cases.

Email support

Email support is available from the Secure64 support website, and through All issues reported by email are recorded in the Secure64 case management system, which then can be viewed and tracked via the Secure64 support website.

Telephone support

Telephone support is available during business hours according to contract SLAs. Customers can contact Secure64 technical support at +1-303-242-5890.

For more information about Secure64 Maintenance and Support, please contact a Secure64 representative. Support is available during business hours according to contract SLAs.