Secure64 DNS Cache

Secure, Scalable Caching DNS

Stops DDoS attacks in their tracks

DNS Caching servers are the workhorses of the internet and are vulnerable to denial of service and other network attacks. Secure64 DNS Cache is not – it is a self-protecting DNS caching server that blocks DDoS attacks with NO PROTECTIVE SECURITY DEVICE.

DNS Cache, like DNS Authority, is purpose-built for security, which includes immunity to malware in addition to built-in denial of service protection.  The self-protecting DNS caching server remains available during high volume denial of service and other network attacks.

Secure64® DNS Cache

Genuinely Secure Operating System

Secure64 DNS Cache, like all Secure64 servers, is built on the Secure64 secure platform. All servers are equipped with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips and security features in the microprocessor that the Secure64 secure operating systems take advantage of to ensure that common application attacks like buffer overflows and privilege escalation cannot succeed.

Sweetly Scalable

Secure64 DNS Cache scales through simple software license upgrades.  This enables organizations to meet future query loads without having to replace or upgrade their hardware, reducing cost by futureproofing their product investment.  Sweet.


Like Secure64 DNS Authority, DNS Cache is not built on BIND or a variant of it.  Because of this, DNS Cache has never been susceptible to the many BIND vulnerabilities that have been published in recent years.

When a BIND vulnerability is announced, there is no need to drop everything and patch – Secure64 DNS Cache is NOT VULNERABLE.  That’s peace of mind.

Always available, easily scalable, self-protecting, secure = cost effective

Because Secure64 DNS Cache requires no BIND security patching or protective security devices, and because it is always available and scales through software, it is highly cost-effective. The larger the network, the greater the savings realized by deploying DNS Cache.

Enables DNS Security Services

DNS Cache also serves as a secure, scalable platform for deployment of DNS Guard security services. DNS Guard protects users and the network from malicious activity – including preventing any devices, including IoT ones, from becoming part of a botnet.  Visit Secure64 DNS Guard to learn more.

DNS Cache is available in three different families of appliances:

The different families were built to meet different needs: maximum security, high security with maximum scalability or virtualized DNS for NFV

DNS-6000 appliances

DNS Cache runs on DNS-6000 hardware appliances which utilize the Secure64 micro operating system, SourceT. DNS Authority was built for organizations that need maximum security.

SNS-3000-5000 appliances

DNS Cache for x86 runs on SNS-3000 and SNS-5000 hardware appliances which utilize a secure Linux kernel. DNS Cache for x86 was built for organizations that need maximum ability to scale, in addition to strong security.

Virtual appliances

DNS Cache for x86 is available as a virtualized appliance which uses a secure Linux kernel. The virtualized version of DNS Cache for x86 was specifically designed for those needing virtualized DNS for Network Functions Virtualization.

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