Secure64 DNS Cache

Secure, Scalable Caching DNS

Carrier-Grade DNS For Modern Networks

Secure64 has built a DNS caching solution designed to handle the increasingly complex demands facing modern service providers. From growing security demands to new opportunities in virtualization and 5G, DNS Cache is ready to support your network with reliability and excellent performance.

  • Secure

    DNS Cache is built on the SecureOS kernel that offers superior network protection, and supports exceptional blacklisting capabilities in conjunction with Secure64 DNS Guard

  • Scalable

    Secure64 DNS Cache scales through simple software license upgrades.  This enables organizations to meet future query loads without having to replace or upgrade their hardware, reducing cost by futureproofing their product investment.

  • Reliable

    DNS Cache uses BGP Anycasting to support automatic failover, guaranteeing the high uptime demanded of DNS services in the world’s largest networks

Non-BIND Solution

Like Secure64 DNS Authority, DNS Cache is not built on BIND or a variant of it.  Because of this, DNS Cache has never been susceptible to the many BIND vulnerabilities that have been published in recent years.


Because Secure64 DNS Cache requires no BIND security patching or protective security devices, and because it is always available and scales through software, it is highly cost-effective. The larger the network, the greater the savings realized by deploying DNS Cache.

Securing Subscribers Through The DNS

DNS Cache supports the DNS Guard solution, which allows carriers to offer additional layers of security to their subscribers through the DNS. Click here to learn more.

DNS Cache is available either as a Hardware or Virtual Appliance:

Hardware appliances

DNS Cache runs on a variety of hardware appliances which utilize our proprietary secure Linux operating system, SecureOS. DNS Cache was built for organizations that need maximum performance and strong security.

Virtual appliances

DNS Cache is available as a virtualized appliance which uses our proprietary secure Linux operating system, SecureOS. The virtualized version of DNS Cache was specifically designed for those needing exceptional flexibility and dynamic scaling, and to support Network Functions Virtualization.

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