Diversity and the DNS

The world runs on the internet and the DNS is a foundational technology that enables the internet to function. As a result, highly available DNS is essential for service providers and other organizations today – there is little to no room for downtime.

Because of the critical importance of the DNS and its ubiquity, it is also a huge target for cyber criminals. Attacks on the DNS infrastructure continue to grow and websites that go down under attack make headlines and/or lose customers.

Best practices for defending mission-critical applications such as the DNS, as in life, require diversity.  This includes geographic, operating system, network, application, hardware and personnel diversity.

In this white paper, Secure64 discusses the various scenarios that have resulted from the DNS monoculture, the reasons for DNS diversity and introduces the company’s two distinct DNS platforms – one based on Intel Itanium/SourceT and the other based on x86/SecureOS.

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