• Botnets, Route Hijacking, and Other Security Threats

    Cyber crime has become big business. In the past, hackers tended to work alone or in small groups, and their impact was usually quite minimal. Sometimes it was done just for bragging rights rather than monetary gain, and often had no adverse affects on most of the general public.

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  • Lack of DNSSEC Deployment on Financial Services Web Sites

    It comes as a real surprise that one of the industries (financial services) that should be most interested in the security of their web sites has not implemented a key piece of protection, Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). DNSSEC is a technology that was developed to add critically needed security…

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  • Four Vulnerabilities in Infrastructure Defense

    “The basic underpinnings of the Internet — BGP, DNS, and SSL — we take for granted they were built in much friendlier times when friendly people wanted to communicate with friendly people. The Internet was built to be survivable, not trustable,” said John Pescatore, vice president and research fellow for…

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  • DNS over IPv6: Lessons from the field

    We have learned some lessons in the field about DNS over IPv6.  The other day, one of our clients called us asking for help with their configurations. They were doing some lab testing while working on their annual upgrade of our software. To give you some background, our customers normally…

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  • DNS Diversity

    Every DNS administrator knows that you need to configure at least two recursive or authoritative DNS servers so that you can still provide service in case one fails. Many administrators also know that these servers ideally should be located in different data centers and utilize different networks so that DNS…

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  • Myths about IPv6

      It may surprise you, but IPv6 has been has been around for the past two decades, according to a post on IT Business Edge, “Ten Myths about IPv6” Here is a summary of those “10” most talked about IPv6 myths: IT’S NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION: The “new” protocol was started back…

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  • Are you ready for IPv6?

    On June 6th, many major Web sites and Internet providers will begin supporting Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) full time. While the average internet user might not even notice, if you’re running a growing business you should prepare for this change. As an IPv6 article, by Stephen J. Vaughan-Nichols, explains,…

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  • FCC Recommends Code of Conduct for ISPs

    In an earlier blog we mentioned the recommendations made by the CSRIC (Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council), a Federal Advisory Committee for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to improve Internet safety. This is a set of industry-wide best practices for ISPs and other organizations that operate critical infrastructure. The…

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  • International Control of the Internet

    In December of this year the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) will be held. 193 nations will be coming together in Dubai to review the International Telecommunications Regulations as part of an ongoing United Nations treaty. Among other telecommunications issues these regulations are used for the Internet. For the…

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  • DNSSEC Adoption is Slow for Government Agencies

    Even though more than two years have passed since federal government agencies were required to support DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) on their web sites, only 57 percent of agencies have met these requirements. In other words, about 40 percent of federal agencies have not secured their domains to protect users…

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