Internet of Things – just because we can, doesn’t mean we should

At the dentist office today was the most ridiculous thing to join the Internet of Things – a Bluetooth-enabled POWER TOOTHBRUSH. What on earth is the value of connecting your toothbrush to the internet? For that matter, why enable your TOASTER to be online? Your washer, your dryer? Do you really need your fridge to tell you when you need eggs, milk or beer?

Avoid the DNS outage that could cost you the C-suite

A DNS outage will take your business offline – and potentially your job with it. It is time to make DNS security a critical focus point for companies.

Please build securely – before robots kill us

Over the past couple of weeks, the world has been given WannaCry, which moved like wildfire through the globe and has given rise to multiple theories of origination from North Korea and not North Korea, and was dubbed “a pretty shoddy piece of work”. As of this writing no one is certain of the origin.

The Front Door is well protected against DNS DDoS attacks, but what about the back?

The DNS is the phone book of the internet, and most IP services are entirely dependent on its stability and performance. With the recent rash of DNS DDoS attacks, it has become clear that the DNS needs a special security status.

Dyn, BIND and DNS Strategy

On October 21, 2016, leading websites including Twitter, Netflix and Spotify were severely interrupted by an attack on DNS hosting provider Dyn.

Blocking Attacks from the Incredibly Insecure Internet of Things (IIIoT)

In the wake of the massive attack against DNS provider Dyn, we as a security industry need to ask ourselves “what the hell are we going to do about the usage of dumb, secure-less IOT devices to become a bot army?”