Migrating to ENUM

A secure, scalable ENUM for modern IP core networks

Number Mapping for Complex Environments

Number mapping (ENUM), is a critical element in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture. ENUM is responsible for routing voice and messaging traffic to appropriate servers inside of your network, which includes accessing a Mobile Number Portability (MNP) database. Poor performance or system failure means failed calls and lost customers, so it is essential that your ENUM solution integrates seamlessly into your IMS in a secure, scalable, and reliable way.

Secure64® ENUM

Secure64 DNS ENUM is an NFV-ready solution built to handle the demands of even the largest virtualized IP core networks. Based on a high-performance, non-BIND DNS, our ENUM solution scales to hundreds of millions of subscribers while running as virtual machines on commodity hardware.


Built-in protection against exploits and DDoS attacks with the SecureOS kernel, in accordance with GSMA guidelines.


Built to easily scale with software without any cost to performance, Secure64 DNS ENUM can provision up to 500 records/second using an intuitive RESTful API.


All components of our Secure64 DNS ENUM solution are deployed in redundant pairs in order to eliminate single points of failure.

Learn more about Secure64 ENUM – download the data sheet here

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