Secure64 Itanium DNS Software not Vulnerable to NXNSAttack

Last week a new attack was disclosed that exploits a vulnerability in the DNS to launch amplified denial of service (DDoS) attacks, known as ‘NXNSAttack’.

Secure64 offers two product line architectures of DNS caching and authoritative software and immediately tested its software for vulnerabilities. Updates to its Linux-based DNS software were incorporated within hours, quickly moved into test, then released to customers immediately after testing to address the vulnerability.

SourceT DNS Cache software – designed for the Intel Itanium and Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers – has built-in limits that prevent it from generating the large number of queries to Authoritative servers that the NXNS exploit (CVE-2020-12662) attempts to elicit. This means that as the entire industry scrambles to respond to the new attack, our SourceT customers are already protected.

“Highly secure DNS, resistant to malware and DDoS attack, was introduced by Secure64 Software over a decade ago,” says CEO Steve Goodbarn, “This software was designed to sit on the edge – outside the firewall and other network defenses – ensuring 24/7/365 availability even in the face of constantly evolving exploits. Resistance to the NXNSAttack is yet another example of the advantages of this architecture.”

Ben Weiner
Secure64 Software Corporation