Blocking Attacks from the Incredibly Insecure Internet of Things (IIIoT)

In the wake of the massive attack against DNS provider Dyn, we as a security industry need to ask ourselves “what the hell are we going to do about the usage of dumb, secure-less IOT devices to become a bot army?”

DNS Hosting – the problem with centralization

Recently, Robert Reich argued that the centralization of DNS on the “platforms of giants” has led to the vulnerability of the internet, as witnessed by the massive assault on DNS provider Dyn.

Performing a signing algorithm rollover is not for the faint of heart

We are proud of our DNSSEC heritage here at Secure64. We launched the first fully automated DNSSEC signing appliance in 2008, just weeks after security researcher Dan Kaminsky made public the flaws in the DNS protocol that DNSSEC addresses.

Blocking Bad Internet Content – do it at the DNS

On June 9th, Ethiopia became the latest nation state to move to legislate on Internet content. I, for one, am sold on the idea of blocking bad internet content, especially illegal content. Give organisations, institutions and parents control over what internet content comes through their networks.

Infosecurity – one size fits all. Really?

InfoSecurity Europe, London, closed its doors yesterday, with an estimated 20,000 attendees coming through the doors over the last 3 days (up from 15,000 last year). The investment in exhibition equipment, marketing-freebies and volume of new attendees is really impressive.

Certainties in life – death, taxes and email scams…

Email scams appear to be inevitable – with phishing and spear phishing causing incredible pain to individuals and organizations.