Avoid the DNS outage that could cost you the C-suite

By Steve Goodbarn

Co-founder and Chairman, Secure64

Summary of article published in The Business Journals. To read the article in its entirety, click here: 

A DNS outage will take your business offline – and potentially your job with it.  It is time to make DNS security a critical focus point for companies.

“Long taken for granted as a utility, DNS is the critical, pervasive system that touches all internet-connected devices and services, yet represents the Achilles heel in internet security today.”

In his article, Steve examines the important of the DNS and its vulnerabilities.  Beginning with a discussion about the need for capacity and both genetic and geographic diversity, he then moves to attacks on the DNS –  redirection, cache poisoning and more prevalent – distributed denial of service  (DDoS) attacks.  He then provides a checklist that companies should employ to ensure the continuity of their online business.

The threat of attack, while scary, is a real possibility—particularly for companies that have not yet taken the proper precautions to defend against attacks on the DNS. A secure, self-protecting DNS and implementation of DNS Security Extensions are critical checks for all companies conducting business online. To not secure your DNS is more than just putting business on the line: a breach in security could cost you your career.