Certainties in life – death, taxes and email scams…


I, for one, was totally convinced that no ‘clever’ email would ever catch me out and persuade me to click a link inviting malware insertion or similar.  So when my wife fell for the not-so-new Apple ID scam last week, I was the one picking up the pieces. I consider myself scammed. Made me think of some of the most notable examples of email scams – can you beat these top 3?

#1. The email scam that results in house buyers receiving forged bank details  at the very moment they are wiring money to buy their house.  It’s enough to crush anyone – awful.

#2.  For years, I bought my disks from Seagate. So I was rather horrified to hear that an employee fell for a phishing scam and allegedly compromised the personal data of 10,000 employees.  A major class action is now underway.

#3. There is a tsunami of phishing scams targeting and spoofing CEO’s – the most ever seen.  However, I am staggered by this example. CEO Walter Stephen lost his company $56,000,000  through an email scam and he has since been fired.  I can forgive my wife the Apple problem, but this?  Oh dear …

So isn’t it incredible that our email systems can’t provide simple, effective authentication?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]