Secure64 Software Corporation, creators of purpose-built security and DNS solutions, announced today the launch of Secure64 CloudDNS™


Secure64 Software Corporation, creators of purpose-built security and DNS solutions, announced today the launch of Secure64 CloudDNS™, a first-of-its-kind, cloud-native solution that delivers carrier-grade DNS utilising open Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) technologies and Kubernetes. CloudDNS is suitable for wireline and Wireless 3G/4G/5G services, allowing fast, reliable, scalable deployments.

As carriers modernize and upgrade their infrastructure, they often use applications from different vendors, each application having its unique approach to configuration, deployment, monitoring, scaling, and management. The result is that carriers incur additional operational costs and experience resource constraints as network teams must develop expertise in each of these disparate applications.

By utilizing modern cloud solutions, carriers can deploy within a shared framework to accelerate deployment, simplify configuration changes, and maximize hardware utilization. These solutions also provide functionality allowing automated scale-up or sale-down as required using rules based on load and performance.

“Our customers require automated delivery of DNS services in a cloud-native environment,” says Ian Sampson, Chief Marketing Officer of Secure64. “We have responded to this need and developed the ability to deliver our existing solutions in a Kubernetes or container environment with management and reporting using standardized tools.”

Secure64 CloudDNS™, with the power of K8s, allows carriers to deploy in a shared architecture and deliver the performance they need with automatic scaling capabilities to respond to network events such as attacks and peak load needs. This platform is part of the Secure64 ecosystem and augments the existing capabilities of Secure64 solutions to provide a secure, stable, and safety-focused customer-centric experience.

About Secure64
Secure64 brings trust to the internet through its suite of purpose-built, secure, carrier-grade DNS, network security, DDoS mitigation and reporting products. The company was built on a foundation of security, stability and safety and has forged solutions that are self-protecting and not only immune to malware but provide active protection for subscribers against Malware and phishing attacks. Secure64 secures the DNS infrastructures of leading service providers, government agencies and enterprises globally.

Our DNS supports a worldwide subscriber base of over 1 billion, representing over 20% of global mobile subscribers. Performing billions of DNS lookups every day across six continents, Secure64 lives up to its reputation for providing highly secure, safe, and stable DNS solutions.

Secure64 is a privately held company with deep technical and global experience in its leadership and technical staff. It is the only DNS solution provider that has authored a secure micro OS, the first to support IPV6 and built self-protecting DNS servers. For more information, visit

Ian Sampson
Secure64 Software Corporation