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Secure64 Releases TunnelGuard to detect & block DNS tunnels

For Immediate Release

Secure64 Releases TunnelGuard to detect and block DNS tunnels

Solution prevents bandwidth piracy and data exfiltration

Greenwood Village, CO – April 11, 2018 – Secure64, the leading provider of Genuinely Secure DNS servers, today announced the release of Secure64® TunnelGuard™, a new member of its DNS Guard™ family of security services, which enables service providers to prevent bandwidth piracy and data exfiltration from DNS tunneling.

“Our new TunnelGuard service prevents illegitimate uses of the DNS tunnels that can erode service providers’ data revenues and create risk of brand damage,” said Thad Dupper, CEO of Secure64. “Today service providers need to contend with an ever-growing cast of bad actors who look to steal data bandwidth by exploiting DNS tunnels. Going beyond bandwidth theft, DNS tunnels can also be misappropriated by attackers to exfiltrate stolen information which can put subscriber personal data at risk. For this reason, technologies to “Block Tunnels” are sometimes a regulatory requirement imposed on ISP’s.  TunnelGuard represents a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to all of these threats.”

TunnelGuard is an on-box security service that automatically detects and blocks many different types of DNS tunnels in real-time with minimal impact on performance and a high degree of accuracy. TunnelGuard is delivered through Secure64® DNS Cache™, while Secure64 DNS Manager provides detailed reports on tunnel activity in the network.

TunnelGuard is available immediately.

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Secure64 brings trust to the internet through its suite of purpose-built, secure, DNS-based network security products. The company was built on a foundation of security and has forged solutions that are self-protecting and immune to malware.  Secure64 secures the DNS infrastructures of leading service providers, government agencies and enterprises globally.

Secure64 is a privately held company founded by technology and financial veterans and boasts deep technical and global experience in its leadership and staff.  It is the only DNS solution provider that has authored a secure micro OS, automated the deployment of DNSSEC and built self-protecting DNS servers. For more information, visit

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