DNS Diversity

Every DNS administrator knows that you need to configure at least two recursive or authoritative DNS servers so that you can still provide service in case one fails. Many administrators also know that these servers ideally should be located in different data centers and utilize different networks so that DNS service will not be interrupted in the event of a data center or network outage. Read more

Myths about IPv6


It may surprise you, but IPv6 has been has been around for the past two decades, according to a post on IT Business Edge, “Ten Myths about IPv6”

Here is a summary of those “10” most talked about IPv6 myths:

  1. IT’S NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION: The “new” protocol was started back in 1992 and standardized as IPv6 just two years later. It has been in commercial use for several years. The protocol was pronounced good to go during “World IPv6 Day” in 2011.
  2. IT WILL BREAK MY NETWORK: IPv6 is “fully routable with strong support of such major protocols as OSPF, IS-IS and BGP; plus it totally functions “on the same wire … (and) doesn’t require IPv4 to be disabled. IPv6 is already in commercial use on many networks.
  3. IT’S TOO HARD TO USE: It may seem more difficult because addresses are “4 times longer than IPv4” though, the subnet and host portion of the address remain the same. IPv6 makes it easier to add devices.
  4. MY USERS WILL HATE ME: “Most users won’t notice anything different about using IPv6….” which carry all the same protocols as IPv4—TCP and UDP.
  5. IT’s NOT SECURE: IPv6 can function without NAT which is a plus. While NAT shields the internal IP addresses “NAT security is only as good as the firewall policy.” It is important with both IPv4 and IPv6 to have well implemented security.
  6. IT’S INHERENTLY SECURE:  Just because IPv6 can buddy up with IPSEC VPN, doesn’t mean all is automatically secure. Proper security still needs to be set up.
  7. THERE’S NO RUSH: We are out of ‘new’ IP addresses in some parts of the world, particularly in growth areas such as Asia.
  8. I NEED IT RIGHT NOW:  Don’t worry about IPv4 leaving this universe…it will not be dumped into a Black Hole, even after IPv6 is fully “deployed.” “Lots of networks are using legacy protocols in parallel with IPv4.”
  9. NOBODY USES IT: As mentioned before, is in commercial use today on many networks. Pledges are coming in by major websites to keep IPv6 up and running with the World IPv6 Launch today, June 6th.
  10. I’M NOT RUNNING IT:  By default all major PCs Operating Systems have IPv6 capability. It is probably there and not being used.

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Are you ready for IPv6?

On June 6th, many major Web sites and Internet providers will begin supporting Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) full time. While the average internet user might not even notice, if you’re running a growing business you should prepare for this change.

As an IPv6 article, by Stephen J. Vaughan-Nichols, explains, IPv4’s 32-bit 4.3 billion addresses are not enough for today’s internet and all of our mobile devices. Read more