• The Front Door is well protected against DNS DDoS attacks, but what about the back?

    The DNS is the phone book of the internet, and most IP services are entirely dependent on its stability and performance. With the recent rash of DNS DDoS attacks, it has become clear that the DNS needs a special security status. DNS essentially remains a single point of attack, even…

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  • Blocking Attacks from the Incredibly Insecure Internet of Things (IIIoT)

    by THERESA DEGROOTE on OCTOBER 26, 2016 In the wake of the massive attack against DNS provider Dyn, we as a security industry need to ask ourselves “what the hell are we going to do about the usage of dumb, secure-less IOT devices to become a bot army?” In the…

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  • DNS Hosting – the problem with centralization

    Recently, Robert Reich argued that the centralization of DNS on the “platforms of giants” has led to the vulnerability of the internet, as witnessed by the massive assault on DNS provider Dyn.  Last Friday’s attack led to problems accessing popular sites, including Twitter, Reddit, PayPal, and Netflix, and has left…

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  • Water Torture: A Slow Drip DNS DDoS Attack

    A number of our service provider customers around the world are reporting that they see a new type of DNS DDoS attack that uses the DNS as the attack vector. The service providers themselves do not appear to be the target of this attack. Instead, the attack tries to overwhelm…

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