Secure64 DNS Manager Configures, Manages and Monitors an Organization’s
DNS Servers from a Single Application
DENVER – Feb. 22, 2012 – Secure64 Software Corporation has expanded its award-winning suite of secure, high-performance Domain Name Server (DNS) solutions with Secure64 DNS Manager, the company’s first server management software product designed to help communication service providers (CSPs) configure, manage and monitor their DNS servers in a centralized way.
“Secure64 DNS Manager fills an important need for service providers that want to reduce the costs and headaches related to DNS servers, particularly for organizations that have numerous DNS servers spread out across multiple geographic areas. Secure64 DNS Manager centralizes DNS management into a simple-to-use tool that enables network engineers to upgrade software, configure servers, monitor performance and access real-time reporting all from a single place,” said Steve Goodbarn, CEO of Secure64. “It does all of that while lowering operational costs and eliminating common human errors that occur with DNS management.”
Secure64 DNS Manager lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) on caching infrastructure by reducing the amount of time required to keep server and configurations up-to-date, and by decreasing the possibility of human errors, such as forgetting to update a server or uploading the wrong configuration. In addition to lowering TCO, Secure64 DNS Manager allows customers to control their servers and secure their data inside their own network, avoiding the risks inherent in an outsourced alternative.
Secure64 DNS Manager enables CSPs to:
  • Update and roll back software versions globally from a central location
  • Revise configurations and easily track/control server updates
  • Monitor critical operating parameters in real-time
  • Gain instant visibility into query activity for capacity and usage trending
  • Manage global DNS infrastructure via a simple, browser-based graphical user interface
Secure64 DNS Manager, in its first release, is available to enhance the use of Secure64’s popular and award-winning caching software appliance, Secure64 DNS Cache. Secure64 DNS Cache is a caching software appliance that provides the highest level of security, Denial of Service (DDoS) resistance, and performance for communication and cloud service providers. Secure64 provides carriers with easy to use “genetic diversity” in their DNS by running on a different architecture than all other DNS servers. Over 80 percent of the world’s DNS servers rely on the same open source DNS, creating the potential for a global Internet meltdown in the event of a sophisticated attack or virus. Secure64 DNS Cache was recently named Best New Application of 2011 at the annual Mission-Critical Innovations Awards in Vienna Austria.

Secure64 DNS Manager is available immediately from Secure64. For more information, visit

About Secure64 Software Corporation
Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Secure64 is a software developer providing the most secure DNS products available to its customers in the government and communications industry. Secure64’s patented technology provides mission-critical security and reliability with high throughput and low latency. It has been shown to be immune to compromise from rootkits and malware and resistant to denial of service and other network attacks. The company offers a suite of trusted and secure DNS software appliances for caching, signing and authoritative use. Secure64’s products are sold and serviced worldwide through Hewlett-Packard and their reseller network and directly by Secure64. For more information, visit