SourceT Platform Control Software Overcomes Current OS Security Limitations, Providing a Self-Protecting Design

GREENWOOD VILLAGE , CO – March 7, 2006: Secure64 Software Corporation, a software developer, today announced SourceT™ platform control software that establishes a secure foundation to significantly enhance the security, performance, and scalability of network and enterprise applications.  Designed from the ground up for security and performance, and providing a fully asynchronous network I/O stack and the ability to host guest operating systems and their applications, SourceT software offers a fundamentally efficient way of addressing IT costs and security concerns of the enterprise.

“Existing general-purpose operating systems continue to employ an extended two-level hierarchical hardware protection model introduced over 40 years ago,” stated Dr. Bill Worley, Chief Technology Officer, Secure64. “The complexities of these operating systems, the enormous amounts of code that must execute at the highest hardware privilege level, and the limitations of the old hardware protection model make it impossible to establish the security properties and high performance levels required by enterprise servers in today’s fully connected world. Our newly architected platform control software enables the development of inherently secure, self-protecting systems.”

SourceT platform control software leverages commercial, off-the-shelf hardware for:

Unparalleled Security – SourceT works in conjunction with Intel’s® Itanium® 2 microprocessor to establish a secure, compartmentalized memory environment. This provides protection for crypto keys, policy control data, and other types of information requiring high security.  The software architecture provides no paths for injecting root kits or other malicious code intended to execute at the highest hardware privilege level.

High-Speed Performance – Applications built on SourceT leverage the newly architected I/O stack with a fully asynchronous, scalable, and non-blocking protocol, to process network traffic at gigabit line speeds.

Parallel Performance – SourceT harnesses Itanium® 2’s parallel performance characteristics, greatly improving performance.

Capacity Advantage – The low overhead of SourceT leaves the majority of the processor cycles available for application computation.

Greater Scalability – SourceT can harness the power of multiple cores and still leave sufficient headroom in each processing core. Processing capacity can scale nearly linearly for system functions and applications.  Scalability can be even further enhanced through the use of blade hardware configurations.

“By leveraging heretofore underutilized security, performance and virtualization features built into Itanium® 2, we offer a route out of many of the vulnerability-exploit-patch cycles without replacing major operating systems and their applications,” stated Steve Goodbarn, CEO, Secure64.  “The added benefit of our platform is significantly higher performance. Our software can be deployed to enhance the security and performance of many network and enterprise applications with a demonstrable payback for the end customer.”

SourceT architecture has the following attributes:

  • Establishes root trust at boot time
  • Extends chains of trust throughout the platform control software and initialized guest operating system software
  • Utilizes memory compartmentalization and enforces minimum required privilege policies to strengthen security properties
  • Provides a self-protecting platform for network and enterprise applications
  • Increases application performance
  • Provides greater capacity for application processing
  • Provides low latency

Secure64 is a member of the Itanium Solutions Alliance and is engaged with several of its members. The company is seeking additional strategic partners interested in taking advantage of the features and benefits SourceT technology has to offer.

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About Secure64

Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Secure64 is an enterprise software developer providing holistic, self-protecting security for enterprise applications. Secure64 has developed SourceT, a “Genuinely Secure” software technology. Designed by a world-class team of software engineers, SourceT makes applications immune to compromise from rootkits and malware, and resistant to network attacks, while also significantly boosting performance and reliability. Unlike other “hardened” software technologies that have been manipulated to minimize exposure to threats, SourceT was built from the ground up to help enterprises ensure the security, integrity and availability of their mission-critical applications. Secure64 has core patents pending covering its software technology.

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