Secure64 DNS Authority First DNS Product to Offer Practical Solution to Reverse Lookups Of IPv6 Addresses

Barcelona, Spain – February 26, 2013 – Secure64 Software Corporation released a new version of its DNS Authority server that enables mobile operators and other carriers to deploy IPv6 with essential security and services like spam filtering and geolocation that are currently enjoyed by IPv4 customers. The new functionality in DNS Authority makes it possible for carriers to easily publish the reverse DNS records that these services rely upon, which is simple in IPv4 but almost impossible using traditional techniques in IPv6.

“Growth of IP-enabled devices and smartphones in particular requires carriers to fully support IPv6,” said Steve Goodbarn, CEO of Secure64. “However, without adequate capabilities and security in IPv6 from carriers, customers cannot be properly supported. This threatens to slow customer acquisition and average revenue per user if not solved soon. Secure64 has solved this problem for its carrier customers.”
Carriers have traditionally published a set of DNS pointer records that translate an IP address to a name for each of their customers’ devices. This translation is necessary for the proper functioning of many services such as spam filtering and web content acceleration. These pointer records are stored on the carriers’ authoritative DNS servers, which is practical only as long as a carrier’s address space is small. Under IPv6, this is no longer possible because of the huge increase in the size of the address space, making traditional techniques for generating and storing this pointer information impossible. A new approach is essential, and Secure64 DNS Authority provides the first solution to that problem.
“Our DNS Authority 3.5 release has new functionality that allows reverse DNS queries to be answered on the fly, eliminating the need to generate and store all of this information on the DNS server itself. This allows carriers to offer their customers feature parity over IPv4 and IPv6,” said Goodbarn. “DNS Authority can support 4G services in IPv4 and IPv6, and its advanced security provides industry-leading resistance to DDoS attacks and other threats. This solution carriers providers with next-generation infrastructure that simplifies operations and reduces costs while also providing a solid foundation for meeting the higher level of demand that will come as the use of mobile devices increases in the future.”
Secure64 DNS Authority 3.5 is available immediately. To learn more about the product, visit Secure64 this week at the HP booth (Hall 7, Stand 7D112) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: More information about DNS Authority 3.5 is also available here.

About Secure64 DNS Authority

Secure64 DNS Authority is authoritative name server software that’s available at all times — even during network attacks or restarts. It delivers the availability and security required in today’s networks, without the cost and complexity of conventional solutions.
Unlike products that require hardening, patching, and protection from network security devices, Secure64 DNS Authority runs on a micro OS designed from the ground up with a secure architecture. This unique approach makes Secure64 DNS Authority completely immune to compromise from rootkits and malware and 100 percent responsive to legitimate queries even while under high volume denial-of-service attacks.

About Secure64 Software Corporation

Secure64 is a software developer with the most secure DNS products available. Secure64’s patented technology provides mission-critical security and reliability, built-in protection from DDoS attacks, high throughput and low latency. It has been shown to be immune to compromise from rootkits and malware and resistant to denial of service and other network attacks. The company offers a suite of trusted and secure DNS software appliances for caching, signing, blacklisting, management, and authoritative use. They also host a testbed for detection of IP Route Hijacking. Secure64’s products are sold and serviced worldwide through Hewlett-Packard and their reseller network and directly by Secure64. For more information, visit