Enables service providers to improve DNS performance and differentiate their Service Level Agreements

Greenwood Village, CO – December 11, 2007 – Secure64 Software Corporation, a software developer with the only Genuinely Secure™ software technology and server applications, today announced it has enhanced Secure64 DNS to allow service providers to significantly improve the performance of their authoritative DNS and the service level agreements they offer to their customers. Unlike widely-deployed BIND-based DNS solutions, Secure64 DNS is “always on,” and remains responsive to DNS queries even while adding or deleting zones.

“Service providers are always looking for new ways to generate revenue,” stated Steve Merkel, CIO, Data393, “and providing a premium, high performance, high availability DNS service that would be backed up by strict service level guarantees is one request we have had from many customers. Unfortunately, conventional DNS solutions have not allowed service providers like us to provide this type of service. Secure64 DNS now provides an attractive alternative that improves the end-user experience while providing a new revenue-generating opportunity for service providers.”

This latest enhancement to Secure64 DNS is significant in that it fills a major gap in the DNS server market. Companies that deploy DNS servers and commercial appliances based on BIND – the most widely-used DNS software in the market today – are required to restart their servers when adding or deleting zones, which happens whenever customers are added or deleted. During the restart, the DNS server is unavailable to answer queries, thus negatively impacting the performance of the DNS. The problem gets worse for large service providers with many records that operate highly dynamic DNS environments, as the DNS servers require more time to restart and the restarts occur more frequently.

“The only way for standard BIND-based DNS servers to incorporate new zone information is to stop serving DNS requests, reload the entire data set, and then start serving requests. Unfortunately, performance is hampered every time this recycling process occurs,” stated Mark Beckett, vice president of marketing, Secure64. “Secure64 DNS continues serving requests during a restart, which means businesses can guarantee the performance of their DNS. By combining high performance with industry-leading security and availability, Secure64 DNS offers Internet-dependent businesses the perfect DNS trifecta.”

Secure64 DNS is a groundbreaking DNS application that has built-in denial-of-service protection features that help ensure Internet-dependent businesses are always accessible. Based on Secure64’s Genuinely Secure SourceT® micro OS, Secure64 DNS remains highly available during network attacks and is immune to compromise from rootkits and malware. Third-party research has determined that Secure64 DNS is the most secure DNS application in the market, and the latest enhancements make Secure64 DNS an even more compelling solution for Internet-dependent businesses.

Today Secure64 is also announcing the successful results of an independent analysis of SourceT conducted by Matasano Security, a renowned security research and consulting firm. More information on the results of the Matasano study, SourceT and Secure64 DNS can be found by visiting the Secure64 Web site at

About Secure64 Software Corporation

Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Secure64® is a software developer providing secure, self-protecting, high performing server applications. Secure64’s core technology is SourceT®, a patent pending Genuinely Secure™ micro OS designed from the ground up to make the micro OS and any applications running on it immune to rootkits and malware and resistant to network attacks. Unlike conventional operating systems with insecure architectures, SourceT does not need to be hardened, patched and protected to minimize exposure to vulnerabilities.

SourceT applications such as Secure64 DNS do not require protection from firewalls, intrusion prevention or DDoS mitigation devices. By simplifying and consolidating network infrastructures, SourceT-based applications help IT professionals reduce costs and risks while achieving unparalleled levels of reliability and performance. For more information, visit

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