Secure64 DNS Authority Improves DNS Availability and Security While Decreasing Costs

DENVER, CO – November 25, 2008 – Secure64 Software Corporation announced today that it has signed an agreement with Webair, a premier Web hosting company, to deploy Secure64 DNS Authority across all of Webair’s data centers worldwide. Secure64 DNS Authority is authoritative name server software that will increase the availability and security of Webair’s DNS infrastructure, reduce its operational costs, and provide its customers with comprehensive protection against network threats such as malware and DoS attacks. Secure64 DNS Authority’s proven capability ensures that Webair’s DNS infrastructure will be immune to malware, always available, and able to withstand denial-of-service attacks while still responding to legitimate queries – unlike other DNS applications that fail during network attacks.

Webair Secures Infrastructure with Secure64 DNS Authority

“Webair is growing quickly and the rapidly increasing number of domains we host for customers put too much of a burden on our previous DNS solution. By using Secure64 DNS Authority, we not only have nearly unlimited scalability with 100% availability, we have also been able to save money by dramatically consolidating our DNS servers from 35 to 8,” said Sagi Brody, CTO of Webair. “The most important reason for selecting Secure64, though, is security. It ensures that our customers will be protected no matter what.”

“The traditional approach to protecting DNS infrastructure is inefficient. That approach, which requires hardening, patching and protecting the DNS with security devices is costly, time-intensive and ultimately ineffective,” said Steve Goodbarn, CEO and Director of Secure64. “By deploying Secure64 DNS Authority, Webair is securing its DNS infrastructure for the future and paving the way for continued growth of its business.”

About Secure64 DNS Authority

Secure64 DNS Authority delivers the security and availability required in today’s networks, without the cost and complexity of conventional solutions. Unlike “hardened” systems that require constant patching, maintenance, and investment to keep threats at bay, Secure64 DNS Authority is genuinely secure as a result of an architecture that is fully immune to compromise from rootkits and malware as well as completely resistant to network attacks. In addition, its high speed network I/O stack dramatically improves DNS query performance, allowing Secure64 DNS Authority to achieve over 100,000 queries per second, the highest performance of any authoritative name server.

Features and benefits of Secure64 DNS Authority include the following:

* Eliminates OS hardening and emergency vulnerability patching
* Eliminates the need for network security devices to protect DNS
* Responds to 100 percent of legitimate queries while under attack
* Remains available during restarts
* Consolidates DNS servers
* Is immune to rootkits and malware
* Supports DNSSEC

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About Webair

Webair ( provides affordable, managed web hosting solutions for companies of all types and sizes, including world-renowned musicians, manufacturers, media companies and professional services firms. Webair provides all of hardware, software and support necessary to meet their customers’ needs for co-location services, dedicated and virtual servers, content delivery networks, global load balancing, off-site backups and more. Webair operates its own fiber optic network and state-of-the-art datacenters located in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and Amsterdam, and the company has a world-renowned reputation for providing the highly reliable Internet services.

About Secure64 Software Corporation

Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Secure64® is a software developer providing secure, self-protecting, high performing server applications. Secure64’s core technology is SourceT®, a patent pending Genuinely Secure™ micro OS designed from the ground up to make the micro OS and any applications running on it immune to rootkits and malware and resistant to network attacks. Unlike conventional operating systems with insecure architectures, SourceT does not need to be hardened, patched and protected to minimize exposure to vulnerabilities.

SourceT applications such as Secure64 DNS Authority and Secure64 DNS Signer do not require protection from firewalls, intrusion prevention or DDoS mitigation devices. By simplifying and consolidating network infrastructures, Secure64 applications help IT professionals reduce costs and risks while achieving unparalleled levels of reliability and performance. For more information, visit