Secure64 DNS Signer – Small Enterprise Edition Provides Features and Functionality
of Secure64’s Award-Winning Solution at a Price Suited for Smaller Agencies

DENVER, CO – March 17, 2010 – Secure64 Software Corporation has unveiled a new DNS signing solution designed for the specific technical and budgetary needs of small and medium sized government agencies. Secure64 DNS Signer – Small Enterprise Edition fully automates Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) key generation, key rollover, zone signing and re-signing processes—with a price structure that fits within the IT budgets of small and medium-sized government departments and agencies.

DNS signing is a key requirement of the OMB mandate for all governmental agencies to make their DNS infrastructure more secure. Secure64’s DNS signing solutions are the first commercial products that automate the complex process of zone signing, reducing deployment and administration costs while eliminating errors that can cause domains to become unavailable. Secure64 DNS Signer – Small Enterprise Edition is based on Secure64’s original edition of DNS Signer, which won the Best Security Product award at FOSE 2009.

“Our original edition of DNS Signer is priced in a way that is ideal for large government agencies and departments that have significant DNS infrastructure and multiple zones to sign,” said Thomas Chalk, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Secure64. “This new edition of Secure64 DNS Signer has pricing that is ideally suited to agencies that have smaller DNS infrastructure and fewer zones to sign. We based this pricing structure on conversations with a number of our government customers, and we believe it will make this DNS signing solution very affordable for smaller-sized agencies.”

Chalk added, “Secure64 DNS Signer has been deployed by a number of high-profile federal agencies and has a 100 percent success rate in addressing their DNS zone signing needs. The product deploys quickly with no disruption and no need to change your organization’s existing infrastructure. It plugs in seamlessly and automates the complex zone signing and key rollover processes that are required to meet the OMB’s DNSSEC mandate.”

Secure64® DNS Signer makes it easy to implement DNSSEC securely and correctly. Signer runs on SourceT, Secure64’s malware-immune micro OS, so it is able to safely keep signing keys online and has achieved FIPS 140-2 level 2 certification. This allows full automation of all of the DNSSEC key management and signing processes. Unlike other DNSSEC solutions, Signer integrates into existing DNS infrastructure. It is fully compatible with Secure64 DNS Authority, BIND, Microsoft Windows 2008 r2 and NSD masters and slaves, so organizations do not have to throw away their existing DNS to deploy DNSSEC.

The Secure64 DNS Signer:

  • Deploys in days rather than months
  • Automates all key management activity securely
  • Offers compatibility with existing provisioning systems/slave architectures
  • Scales to millions of records and hundreds of thousands of zones
  • Supports highly dynamic environments with minimal signing latency
  • Utilizes a Genuinely Secure, Trusted Computing Platform

Secure64 DNS Signer – Small Enterprise Edition pricing starts at $19,995 and the solution is available immediately. For additional information, contact Secure64 at (303) 242-5890 or visit

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Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Secure64® is a software company offering high-performance DNS server software that makes the DNS trustworthy and secure. Secure64 currently offers three DNS appliances based on the company’s patented technology. Secure64 DNS Signer is the first DNSSEC signing software to make DNSSEC deployment simple and secure. Secure64 DNS Authority is secure DNS server software that is available at all times – even during network attacks or restarts. And Secure64 DNS Cache is a high-performing DNS caching solution that offers the greatest protection against cache poisoning attacks. For more information, visit

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