Secure64 Adds SIP Monitoring to Secure64® DNS Authority

Add-on automatically routes VOIP calls away from unavailable servers

Greenwood Village, CO – June 30, 2016 – Secure64, provider of the world’s most secure DNS products, has released the Service Optimization Module for Secure64® DNS Authority™, which added the ability to monitor the availability of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) servers in real time, and automatically route calls away from servers that are unavailable.

DNS, the domain name system, is a mission-critical component of IP-based communication networks. When a VOIP (Voice over IP) call is placed, it is routed to a SIP server by using DNS lookups. The call setup time (the time it takes to get a call ringing) depends on the speed of response from both the DNS and the SIP servers. If a SIP Server is down, the call can take a long time to complete – and call set up time is a critically important metric to ensure high customer satisfaction.

“This add-on to the DNS server is simpler and more cost-effective than deploying general purpose traffic management solutions.” said Mark Beckett, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Secure64. “No additional device is needed to either buy or manage, lowering total cost of ownership.”

The Service Optimization Module is available now. To learn more, visit .

About Secure64 Software Corporation

Secure64 is a DNS software company that provides the most secure DNS products in the world. Secure64 patented technology has been proven to be immune to compromise from rootkits and malware and resistant to network attacks that are the source of today’s most serious security threats.

Secure64 offers a suite of trusted and secure DNS products for caching, signing and authoritative use. This means companies will no longer have to worry about expensive and embarrassing attacks from sophisticated hackers who compromise or hijack their domain names. Secure64 products are currently used by such notable government organizations as the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Labor, and Interior and telecommunications giants including T-Mobile, Sprint, Century Link and Telefonica. To learn more about Secure64 visit .