Press Release – What Every Company Should Know (and Do) About Data Exfiltration

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What Every Company Should Know (and Do) About Data Exfiltration

Greenwood Village, CO – May 22, 2018 – Secure64, the leading provider of Genuinely Secure DNS servers, comments on their new TunnelGuard™ feature and how it assists organizations to protect their proprietary data from theft.

Data exfiltration, the unauthorized transfer of data within or outside an organization’s computer network, has become a top priority for CISO’s around the world. Today, enterprises, government organizations, even non-profits are all concerned about an employee or contractor potentially leaking proprietary information. Many of these organizations believe by keeping email logs and history they can dissuade someone from sending company sensitive information from the network because by now all employees should know that their email history is kept on company servers for many months if not years.

Going further, many organizations have implemented further restrictions regarding the use of private email at work with some – especially in the defense sector — going as far to prohibit use of removable storage media in the work place.

And while these policies can protect organizations from basic data exfiltration – sophisticated end users can exploit vulnerabilities that exist in corporate networks. One such vulnerability, that Secure64 uniquely has closed, involves the Domain Name System or DNS.

Normally, DNS traffic carries queries and response information to allow computers, smart phones, and IoT devices to interoperate over the Internet. In 2005, Dan Kaminsky created the OzymanDNS program to demonstrate that DNS could also be used to carry (tunnel) other protocol information, such as TCP/IP. Since then, numerous implementations of these DNS tunnels have appeared.

The challenge with DNS tunnels is “bad actors” can use them to send data without being monitored or restricted by normal network protections. For mobile network operators, this means subscribers armed with widely available apps can exploit DNS tunnels to bypass their data caps. For enterprises, DNS tunnels are a ready pathway for data exfiltration.

Using available bypass apps or utilities, a relatively un-sophisticated user can send proprietary data over a DNS tunnel. DNS tunnels can also be used by malware to transmit data from infected devices to “home”. Many IT organizations would find it hard to demonstrate to their C-levels that they actively monitor DNS tunnels for data exfiltration. That is until today.

Secure64’s Tunnel Detection Module (TDM), marketed as TunnelGuard, is an active, integrated feature of our DNS platform that allows IT organizations to ensure that the traffic sent over DNS are strictly and exclusively legitimate DNS messages.

TunnelGuard effectively blocks a non-authorized use of the DNS tunnel, thereby, eliminating a pathway for data exfiltration. Secure64 engineers and data scientists have created patent-pending algorithms that inspect DNS messages, guaranteeing that only legitimate DNS traffic through the caching server.

The cost of TunnelGuard in comparison to a potential data breach is negligible and the technical staff required to implement this safeguard is lightweight.

“Many customers we speak to – carriers, government agencies and enterprises – react by saying ‘We had no idea this vulnerability existed, but now that we do — we plan to close it immediately’” said Thad Dupper, President & CEO, Secure64. “Whether its protecting a carrier from revenue leakage from subscribers bypassing data caps or enterprises and government agencies wanting to ensure no one can pass data over a DNS tunnel – either use case represents a strong reason to adopt our TunnelGuard feature.”

Defense contractors, financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare providers as well as any enterprise looking to secure their data should learn more about TunnelGuard. For more information regarding TunnelGuard please contact us

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