Press Release — Comments on Yesterday’s DDoS Attacks

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Secure64, Leading Provider of Secure DNS Solutions, Comments on Yesterday’s DDoS Attacks

Greenwood Village, CO – June 28, 2018 – Secure64, the leading provider of Genuinely Secure DNS servers, comments on yesterday’s distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

As a leading provider of secure DNS systems, Secure64 understands the impact DDoS attacks can have on enterprises, government agencies as well as carriers’ networks.

Drawing on our over sixteen years of experience in the cyber and DNS sector Secure64 wishes to share what we have come to identify as DNS best practices with the goal that other organizations will benefit from our experience.

When it comes to protecting an organization’s DNS from cyber-attacks the most important element of safety is DIVERSITY. This diversity, as a best practice, includes having diversity across all elements of the solution.


Secure64 stands alone as the only provider of DNS solutions that offers hardware level diversity. Secure64 offers both x86 and Itanium-based hardware DNS implementations. Best practice includes having a diverse mix of hardware underlying the DNS service. Recently there was much press given to the x86 hardware vulnerabilities called Meltdown and Spectre – these exposures only exist on the x86-based servers. Itanium servers, by virtue of their different architecture, are immune to these problems.


Secure64 is the only provider of DNS solution to offer diversity at the OS level. Our proprietary SourceT® operating system runs exclusively on Itanium servers. The protection SourceT offers is unique in the industry. Our x86-based platform runs SecureOS™, the Secure64 operating system built on a highly-secure Linux kernel.


We have varying DNS application code bases that run across our LINUX and SourceT platforms, providing added protection against malware and attack vectors. Neither of these applications uses the BIND code base.


Secure64 has implemented multiple layers of protections against DDoS attacks on our platforms. These protections provide layers of security that protect not only the DNS application but also the network itself from floods, amplified and reflected attacks.


“We speak with carriers and enterprises every day that share with us how important network availability is to their operations and brands. Secure64 represents the only DNS provider that offers diversity at the hardware, operating system and application layer – we are totally unique in providing this level of redundancy and reliability. This is a critical differentiator, especially as the industry migrates to the cloud and virtual environments,” said Thad Dupper, President & CEO, Secure64.

Secure64 customers will realize the benefits of full diversity for both their DNS Resolvers and Authority servers while having a consistent and integrated management capability provided by Secure64® DNS Manager™, all provided from a single vendor, simplifying their supplier management challenges.

About Secure64 Software Corporation

Secure64 brings trust to the internet through its suite of purpose-built, secure, DNS-based network security products. The company was built on a foundation of security and has forged solutions that are self-protecting and immune to malware. Secure64 secures the DNS infrastructures of leading service providers, government agencies and enterprises globally.

Secure64 is a privately held company founded by technology and financial veterans and boasts deep technical and global experience in its leadership and staff. It is the only DNS solution provider that has authored a secure micro OS, automated the deployment of DNSSEC and built self-protecting DNS servers. For more information, visit

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