Secure64 DNS Proxy Puts Service Providers Back In Control Of HTTPS DNS Traffic

Secure64 launches DNS Proxy to manage DNS Over HTTPS traffic, giving subscribers the privacy they demand while keeping resolution of DNS traffic on the service provider’s network

Fort Collins, CO –August 25, 2021 – Secure64 has launched DNS Proxy, a high performance DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) proxy server, that allows service providers to keep DoH traffic on their network without impacting the performance of the existing DNS infrastructure.

With the growing popularity of DoH, including its adoption by virtually all major browser suppliers, service providers run the risk that DNS traffic will be directed to off-network  third-party resolvers. When this occurs, the service provider loses control over the end customer experience and limits its ability to provide value-added services, diagnose customer issues, and meet regulatory requirements.

Secure64’s DNS Proxy is designed to be a high-performance DoH solution which is deployed in front of the service provider’s existing resolvers.  Since DoH traffic imposes significant overhead and can negatively impact resolver performance, DNS Proxy  offloads this workload to the proxy server, thereby retaining peak performance for the resolvers.  . DNS Proxy also allows the DoH infrastructure to be scaled completely independently from the resolvers.  As DoH traffic increases,  Proxy servers can be added without having to upgrade the entire resolver infrastructure.

“Our customers have told us that the increased redirection of DNS traffic to third party DoH resolvers will impede their ability to manage, control and troubleshoot their own network,” says Mark Beckett, Secure64 Vice President of Products. “It’s vital that service providers keep this traffic on-network, allowing subscribers to elect the privacy of encrypted DNS while maintaining control over the end customer experience.”

Secure64 DNS Proxy is available now.

About Secure64

Secure64 brings trust to the internet through its suite of purpose-built, secure, DNS-based network security products. The company was built on a foundation of security and has forged solutions that are self-protecting and immune to malware. Secure64 secures the DNS infrastructures of leading service providers, government agencies and enterprises globally.

Our DNS supports a worldwide subscriber base of over 1 billion, representing over of 20% of global mobile subscribers. Performing billions of DNS lookups every day across six continents, Secure64 lives up to its reputation for providing highly secure, reliable, and performant DNS solutions.

Secure64 is a privately held company which boasts deep technical and global experience in its leadership and technical staff. It is the only DNS solution provider that has authored a secure micro OS, automated the deployment of DNSSEC and built self-protecting DNS servers. For more information, visit

Ben Weiner
Secure64 Software Corporation