Secure64 Introduces the Next-Generation Reporting Platform- Vizion

Secure64 is pleased to announce the release of its next generation reporting platform. The ability to see graphically security events in real time is now available as part of the Secure64 eco system.

Real time analysis and drill down capabilities set this platform aside from legacy solutions. Different teams int he CSP can use the platform to gain intelligence as to the threats a network and its customers face every second of the day. Security events are analyzed in real time to allow a CSP to take decisive action based on events and security functions.

Secure64 is present in the largest networks across the globe and therefore Vizion needs to scale and accommodate massive data lakes of data without impacting performance. Vizion is one of the 3 elements of the Secure64 security proposal. Enforcement, Intelligence and Visibility. Vizion allows the CSP to visualize what is happening in real time with the other 2 elements of the security suite. Simply put, we allow the CSP to see Malware, Phishing and Attacks as they populate in a network with no impact in performance to the fast path for the customer.

This web based GUI provides a method to drill down into the actions that have taken place, analyse the information, report and export the data in real time. The CSP can take action based on this information. The heavy lifting of turning millions of transactions from raw data into actionable real intelligence is what sets Vizion apart from other platforms.

Vizion is a part of our ever-expanding eco system and has been designed for the largest or smallest networks without impacting users. Secure64 is a provider of Hyper scale DNS software, Security feeds and intelligence as well as visualization of these events.  

Secure64 is head quartered in Colorado but present across the globe in the largest networks to deliver critical services.

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