What if the DNS knew which Malicious sites to prevent access to?

Today the internet is a huge part of our life. Without it, modern life doesn’t happen. We cannot access banking, work, social media and entertainment. Everything, good and bad, utilizes DNS

DNS underpins everything we do on the internet, good or bad, and that is the reason it became the favorite place for the “bad guys” to take advantage of its weaknesses and flood us with malware, exposing us to fraud or becoming part of botnet chains, among other evils.

There are thousands, millions of malicious sites, and new ones appear every day, which users can reach innocently and contaminate themselves, thus spreading cyber evil.

At Secure64, we have three simple words at the heart of everything we do. Security, Safety and Stability. The DNS platform must be stable and self-defending from attacks. After all, no DNS, no Internet. It must be Safe from attacks and continue when the inevitable attacks happen. Last but and no way means least it must provide security for users.

All this magic happens in the CSP’s resolver service that uses the Secure64 DNS Cache + Guard intelligence and enforcement. The solution is constantly receiving an updated list of malicious sites and when any subscriber tries to navigate or go to one of these sites, the Cache does not allow it. This act is logged in real-time and the operator can see the problem via the Vizion GUI interface.

That list is created by a cybersecurity laboratory that has a global presence with more than 100 professionals that works 7×24, 365 receiving and analyzing more than 400,000 files and new websites daily from multiple data sources; with all this, it does threat research, ensuring complete coverage and thus updating the list several times a day (approximately every hour); Every time the lists are updated, they are made available in real-time to the operators that have the Secure64 Cache + Guard service and, in turn, to the subscribers of that operator.

Otto Heredia

Sales Engineer/Marketing

If you want to know more about Guard, feel free to contact a Secure64 sales representative by emailing sales@secure64.com .