Secure64 Software Corporation, announces the launch of its next generation of Secure64 DNS Caching™ and DNS Authority™ platforms.


Secure64 Software Corporation, creators of purpose-built security and DNS solutions, announced the launch of its next generation of Secure64 DNS Caching™ and DNS Authority™ platforms, an evolutionary step in product functionality, delivery, and operational flexibility.

In addition to incorporating the latest caching and authority server improvements and enhancements, these releases significantly advance Secure64’s Simple, Scalable, and Secure philosophy by decoupling the delivery of the platform operating system from the server application.

This change enables flexibility and independence when patching and maintaining the server. Customers now have a choice of the elements they want to patch and when, but they can continue looking to Secure64 for guidance and support for the operating system and application software.

“Our customers have told us that they want different options for deployment, Appliance based, Bare Metal with an Operating System, Virtualised or Container-based solutions”, says Ian Sampson, Chief Marketing Officer of Secure64. “We offer all of these varied architectures to ensure the customer has a range of choices based on Security, Stability and Safety for this critical network infrastructure element. Without DNS, there is no internet”

While the application software is mainly independent of the underlying Linux distribution, the products will first be released on the Debian version. After careful evaluation, it was determined that Debian would provide the most robust foundation for Secure64’s DNS products, maintaining the high level of operating system stability and security Secure64’s customers have come to expect.

“Like Secure64, Debian focuses on the stability of the underlying kernel, the security of the platform and the safety of the applications,” says John Worley, Secure64’s Chief Technical Officer. “The Debian community has excellent long-term support and an active, mature organization of users and contributors who understand the importance of Linux to the modern Internet.”

This platform is part of the Secure64 ecosystem and augments the existing capabilities in Secure64 solutions to provide a stable and security-focused customer-centric experience.

About Secure64
Secure64 brings trust to the internet through its suite of purpose-built, secure, carrier-grade DNS, network security, DDoS mitigation and reporting products. The company was built on a foundation of security, stability and safety and has forged solutions that are self-protecting and not only immune to malware but provide active protection for subscribers against Malware and phishing attacks. Secure64 secures the DNS infrastructures of leading service providers, government agencies and enterprises globally. Our DNS supports a worldwide subscriber base of over 1 billion, representing over 20% of global mobile subscribers. Performing billions of DNS lookups every day across six continents, Secure64 lives up to its reputation for providing highly secure, safe, and stable DNS solutions.Secure64 is a privately held company with deep technical and global experience in its leadership and technical staff. It is the only DNS solution provider that has authored a secure micro OS, the first to support IPV6 and built self-protecting DNS servers. For more information, visit Ian Sampson
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