Implementation Also Dramatically Reduces Patching Costs Versus BIND-Based Appliance

DENVER – October 23, 2012 – A large U.S. provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services has completed an implementation of the Secure64 Software Corporation Domain Name Server (DNS) caching solution that has resulted in improved security, higher performance and lower operating costs. DNS Cache proved to have a significant return on investment (ROI) for the wireless provider according to an in-depth post-implementation study conducted by its technology team, the results of which are summarized below.

Secure64 DNS Cache is a caching DNS software appliance that offers the best performance-per-core of any DNS caching solution with the highest level of security. Secure64 DNS Cache leverages the security capabilities of Secure64’s SourceT micro OS with its built-in DDoS defenses, while utilizing a non-BIND based DNS application that is immune to BIND-specific security vulnerabilities. In addition, Secure64 DNS Cache combats botnets by allowing service providers to load one or more blacklists into the server so that queries for known botnet command and control centers can be detected, reported and blocked.
The ROI study conducted by the wireless company determined that Secure64’s DNS Cache solution:
  • Achieved twice the performance of the BIND-based DNS appliances it replaced
  • Maintained 100 percent customer availability of DNS servers while eliminating patching problems that plagued its prior caching solution
  • Simplified the transition to IPv6 while maintaining full support for IPv4-based mobile devices
“This customer’s implementation of our DNS Cache solution is a great example of how to build a better, stronger, less costly DNS infrastructure that positions your company for growth—all while eliminating some major DNS headaches that telecommunications companies have had to suffer through for years,” said Steve Goodbarn, CEO of Secure64. “One of the things that stands out in this implementation of our DNS Cache solution is the role it plays in this company’s IPv4-to-IPv6 transition. Our DNS Cache solution provides an attractive, cost-effective way to enable a transition to IPv6 while continuing to support IPv4. That alone makes it worth the modest price tag but telecommunications companies also get the benefits of reducing emergency patching efforts, increasing the security of their DNS infrastructure, and lowering costs compared to BIND-based solutions.”
To find out how Secure64 DNS Cache protects against DDoS attacks, read our white paper, “Surviving DNS DDoS Attacks”. To read the case study, visit For more information about DNS Cache, visit

About Secure64 Software Corporation

Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Secure64 is a software developer providing the most secure DNS products available to its customers in the government and communications industry. Secure64’s patented technology provides mission-critical security and reliability with high throughput and low latency. It has been shown to be immune to compromise from rootkits and malware and resistant to denial of service and other network attacks. The company offers a suite of trusted and secure DNS software appliances for caching, signing and authoritative use. Secure64’s products are sold and serviced worldwide through Hewlett-Packard and their reseller network and directly by Secure64. For more information, visit



HERNDON, Va. & GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., Mar 23, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — LGS Innovations (LGS), a U.S. government subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU), and Secure64 Software Corporation announced today they successfully completed testing of a joint solution that improves internet security. The solution secures the crucial Domain Name System (DNS) against cyber attacks, and allows government agencies to meet their mandate to use DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

DNS matches web site names with the actual numeric Internet addresses where the site resides. DNSSEC refers to a suite of Internet engineering task force specifications that apply security keys for data signatures and encryption, thus protecting the DNS information.

“Working with Secure64 and Alcatel-Lucent, LGS has seamlessly packaged two industry-leading solutions to meet the government’s DNSSEC mandate,” said Kevin Kelly, Vice President of Strategy, LGS. “Our customers now can add a crucial layer of network security while reducing network administration costs and network downtime and errors.”

The joint solution combines Secure64(R) DNS Signer(TM), which is the DNSSEC automated key management and zone signing software, and Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP(TM) DNS/DHCP IP Address Management Software, a market-leading solution for automating IP address management services.

“By combining these two powerful forces in the IP address space, we not only improve IT operations but help customers meet the government’s requirements for DNSSEC deployment. Agencies will be able to eliminate errors, reduce costs and simplify DNSSEC deployment with automated processes utilizing Secure64’s industry-leading DNS Signer solution, while efficiently configuring and managing it from within VitalQIP,” said Thomas Chalk, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Secure64.

For more information about the joint solution visit the Secure64 Booth #2008 at FOSE in the DNSSEC Pavilion.

About LGS

LGS Innovations (LGS), a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, designs and delivers Transformed Communications and R&D-based technology solutions to the U.S. government community. Leveraging the world-class R&D of Bell Labs and innovation of Alcatel-Lucent, with global reach and expertise, LGS challenges itself to solve the unsolvable and deliver secure, reliable, standards-based solutions to its customers. For more information about LGS

About Secure64 Software Corporation

Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Secure64(R) is a software company offering high-performance DNS server software that makes the DNS trustworthy and secure. Secure64 currently offers three DNS appliances based on the company’s patented technology. Secure64 DNS Signer is the first DNSSEC signing software to make DNSSEC deployment simple and secure. Secure64 DNS Authority is secure DNS server software that is available at all times — even during network attacks or restarts. And Secure64 DNS Cache is a high-performing DNS caching solution that offers the greatest protection against cache poisoning attacks. For more information, visit

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Secure64’s SourceT Micro OS to Automate DNS Security – A $1.8 Billion Market Worldwide


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – May 14, 2008 – Secure64 Software Corporation today announced that the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate has awarded a $1.2 million contract to the company to use its Genuinely Secure SourceT® micro OS in an initiative to secure one of the most critical elements of the Internet infrastructure.

The contract requires delivery of a simple, automated solution to implement Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). DNSSEC adds a critically needed level of trust to the Internet by allowing users to know with certainty that their Internet-based communications such as web site visits and email correspondence actually connect to the parties they intend to reach. DNSSEC thwarts attacks such as pharming, cache poisoning and DNS redirection that have been used to commit fraud, distribute malware, or steal personal or confidential information. For more information about DNSSEC, visit the DHS initiative home page: or the DNSSEC informational website:

Through this contract, Secure64 will develop a DNSSEC signing solution that meet the needs of the US government, businesses and the worldwide DNS community for simplicity and security. The solution will be based on Secure64 DNS, a groundbreaking DNS application with a unique set of security properties. Based on Secure64’s Genuinely Secure SourceT® micro OS, Secure64 DNS is immune to compromise from rootkits and malware and resistant to denial-of-service attacks. SourceT enables automation of online key management processes within the DNS server, which is not possible on general purpose operating systems because of their inherent security limitations.

“Enabling trust in the DNS infrastructure is critical not only to national security, but also to the health of the global economy, because of the significant role that the Internet has in day-to-day operations of businesses worldwide. Pharming and other attacks erode user confidence in the security of the Internet, but there is no universal way to stop these attacks today. This leads organizations to invest time and money on point solutions that address only part of the problem. When widely deployed, DNSSEC eliminates these attacks, and also enables new and existing capabilities which can minimize spam,” said Mark Beckett, vice president of marketing for Secure64. “Unfortunately, DNSSEC adoption has been hampered by the lack of commercial products that make it simple and secure.”

Beckett added: “Secure64’s technology was selected for the initiative because it meets the need for a Trusted Computing Platform that can dramatically simplify and automate the complex processes involved in DNSSEC key management and zone signing while maintaining the highest level of security. This contract will allow Secure64 to deliver a solution that enables governments, businesses and organizations across the world to move forward rapidly with implementations of DNSSEC’s enhanced security protocols.”

“DNSSEC is a very important technology to increase the level of trust in our Internet communications infrastructure,” added Steve Crocker, CEO of Shinkuro and chair of ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Committee. “DNSSEC adoption has so far been hampered by the complexity and cost associated with developing and deploying an easy-to-use zone signing application. Solutions which simplify and automate the deployment of DNSSEC will help accelerate its adoption worldwide.”

Once the product that results from this contract has been completed, U.S. government agencies, Internet Service Providers, businesses and other organizations can purchase it for broad-scale deployment that would further secure DNS infrastructure around the world.

About Secure64 Software Corporation

Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Secure64® is a software developer providing secure, self-protecting, high performing server applications. Secure64’s core technology is SourceT®, a patent pending Genuinely Secure™ micro OS designed from the ground up to make the micro OS and any applications running on it immune to rootkits and malware and resistant to network attacks. Unlike conventional operating systems with insecure architectures, SourceT does not need to be hardened, patched and protected to minimize exposure to vulnerabilities.

SourceT applications such as Secure64 DNS do not require protection from firewalls, intrusion prevention or DDoS mitigation devices. By simplifying and consolidating network infrastructures, SourceT-based applications help IT professionals reduce costs and risks while achieving unparalleled levels of reliability and performance. For more information, visit


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