• Dyn, BIND and DNS Strategy

    by SECURE64 on NOVEMBER 4, 2016 · · On October 21, 2016, leading websites including Twitter, Netflix and Spotify were severely interrupted by an attack on DNS hosting provider Dyn.  Many service providers experienced degradation in their DNS services because attempts to access popular web sites resulted in a SERVfail…

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  • Botnets, Route Hijacking, and Other Security Threats

    Cyber crime has become big business. In the past, hackers tended to work alone or in small groups, and their impact was usually quite minimal. Sometimes it was done just for bragging rights rather than monetary gain, and often had no adverse affects on most of the general public.

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  • DNS over IPv6: Lessons from the field

    We have learned some lessons in the field about DNS over IPv6.  The other day, one of our clients called us asking for help with their configurations. They were doing some lab testing while working on their annual upgrade of our software. To give you some background, our customers normally…

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  • Resistance is Futile

    The need to move the Internet from IPv4 to IPv6 is inevitable. Almost all of the addresses allowed by the 32 bit based addressing scheme used in IPv4 have been assigned. The 128 bit addressing scheme within IPv6 solves that issue. While the number of available addresses is a significant…

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  • Taming the Wild West of the Internet

    The FCC, the CSRIC and the Major ISPs should be applauded for taking on three critical issues that greatly affect the trust and security of the Internet: botnet detection, implementation of DNSSEC, and hijacking of broadband routes. Botnets (a collection of illegally controlled machines) are an invasion and theft of…

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